Products & Services

Amana Nutraceuticals™

Develops high-quality nutraceutical products diligently developed for health restoration and rejuvenation.

Our dedicated team of research scientists and clinicians use our proprietary technologies to formulate active plant-based products. All our products are meticulously created based on strong scientific research and evidence.

Amana Nutraceuticals™ offers Health Canada approved products that are rigorously tested and verified to ensure the utmost quality, safety and effectiveness.

Therapeutic Modelling & Experimentation (TME™)

TME™ offers cost-effective and superior-quality research reagents, animal and cell line models, antibodies, and much more.

We rigorously test and verify our products to ensure that they will thoroughly support researchers in their scientific endeavors. We also have a team of skilled researchers who are available to provide the finest research services to our clients from both academic and biotech industries.