Products & Services

PharmaPlanter Incubator

Pharmaplanter Technologies Inc. is on a mission to provide emerging and growing biotech & pharmaceutical enterprises with the platform and tools they need for expediting the delivery of products and treatments to patients.

Serving as a global biotech hub for innovation and sustainability, Pharmaplanter Technologies offers start-ups with access to cost-efficient laboratory facilities and a comprehensive array of resources, including industry expertise, networking opportunities, and mentorship programs for entrepreneurs.

Therapeutic Modelling & Experimentation (TME™)

TME™ offers cost-effective and superior-quality research reagents, animal and cell line models, antibodies, and much more.

We rigorously test and verify our products to ensure that they will thoroughly support researchers in their scientific endeavors. We also have a team of skilled researchers who are available to provide the finest research services to our clients from both academic and biotech industries.