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Computational and experimental drug screening platform:

Equipped with cutting edge computational molecular modeling and screening system, Pharmaplanter Technology's small molecule development sector is enabled to efficiently predict bound conformations and free energies of binding for small-molecule ligands to macromolecular targets. This platform allows us to study biomolecular interactions and mechanisms of action, as well as for structure-based drug design. The well developed methods are fast enough to allow virtual screening of ligand libraries containing tens of thousands of compounds for potential drug candidate. This platform also empowers hit-to-lead optimization and is combined with comprehensive experimental evaluation of pharmacological activity. As our expert team is much experienced in both computational and experimental aspects of conventional drug discovery, this high through-put platform can be efficiently applied in small molecule-based drug discoveries.

PDX models-empowered preclinical drug efficacy evaluation platform:

Through a collaborative relationship with Living Tumour Laboratory (, Pharmaplanter Technology has the privilege to access to patient tumour-derived, molecular-well characterized, the invaluable PDX models of varied tumour types, which have been developed at BC Cancer Agency Research Centre. Together with our enriched experience and expertise in evaluating in vivo drug efficacies in preclinical experimental settings, this platform is extremely valuable and useful for oncological drug and technology development.

Nanotechnology technology platform:

The chitosan-based nanoparticle technology platform has been patented by one of our team members together with academic partners from National Chiao Tung University ( Additionally, in collaboration with Dr. Shi’s laboratory, Pharmaplanter Technologies is also in the process of developing polymer-based nanoparticle technologies for siRNA molecule delivery. This valuable nanotechnology platform enable us to quickly develop novel nano-medicines that target any given molecules with proven therapeutic effects, but have not yet been developed into therapeutic drugs for the market.