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About Us

Who are we?

Headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia, Pharmaplanter Technologies is a platform and incubation biopharmaceutical company which focuses on innovative oncological drugs and life science technology development.

Our vision:

At Pharmaplanter Technologies, we believe in multidisciplinary collaboration, and have a vision to translate novel life science discoveries into medicines and technologies in more cost-effective and time-saving ways.

Our platforms:

Our cutting edge drug development platforms such as high-efficient drug virtual development platform, sub-renal capsule PDX modelling platform and nanoparticle technology platform, as well as our broad collaboration network with research laboratories from varied Universities and Institutions and the world leading technology companies, such as Integral Molecular and ImmuGene, greatly enable us to implement our company’s vision.

Our mission:

Pharmaplanter’s mission is to apply our transformation platforms and our unique R&D approaches for innovative drug and technology development to help people live a better life. It is also our mission to help our research collaborators from all over the world, as well as young scientists, to translate their research discoveries and creative ideas into medical products.